Our Wine Portfolio


Our Philosophy

Our passion for connecting the American wine enthusiast with the great wines of South Africa led us to build Baobab Wines on the principals of Authenticity, Sustainability, Quality and Availability.


Our main focus is on family owned and operated Vineyards. Our winemakers know how to maximize the terroir through winemaking knowledge built over generations and maintain the quality in their wines vintage upon vintage.


All of our wine farms are Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) Certified by the South African wine industry as a guarantee of environmental sustainability and operate as either Fair Trade Certified, WIETA Fair Labor Certified, or USDA Organic Certified.


We manage a temperature controlled supply chain to ensure that all of our wines - regardless of price - reach you in the best possible condition.


We warehouse our products on both the East and West Coast of the US and have compliance in place to ship to all 50 States.